Monday, July 17, 2017


I did not know it still hurts. I knew all along just how much I could not accept it. Cause nobody wins against her. Even after 3 years, I thought I can talk it out openly. Yet, I still cry alone to sleep, at night. I had a friend who betrayed me. This is a story of how I learn about choosing who to accept to be a part of my life. 

We know each other when we were thirteen. With that, we were super close; that I do not mind being called a man for her (because she has a voice like a man, so a lot of people mocked her for having a big voice with that small body). She would sleep over at my house a few times and followed me and my family back to our hometown. But for I-cant-remember-what reason, we were not in a good terms for a good few years when were fourteen and fifteen. For those two years, we did not talk at all but only speak the bad things about each other to other people. We hated each other. But I eventually, realised how unhealthy am I to only talk the negative side of people to others. When I stopped, she would still go on and on until she gave up on making me feel like the bad one again. I knew that time, it would not be easy for us to be good to each other again. 

Somehow, when we were sixteen, we started being friends because my friends are hers too.  So, because I do not want to be the bad one, I brush off the feelings and started treating her nicely. We were friends, even though, we were not as close as before. I did not expect much cause we were not on a good terms before. But I did not know just how much I could grown to trust her and accept her as a family when I was seventeen. I told my another friend, just how, I am happy to have her again as my best-friend. 

It was during our school study camp when I realised just how much she could never be a good friend to me. It was our last night there when she has my boyfriend's shirt to iron for. It was that night when I felt the worst betrayal ever in my entire life. I knew just how toxic my boyfriend is, and I needed to get rid of him. But I thought yet I could still change him in a way because somehow I was still in love.Yes, me and my boyfriend were not in a good relationship but I was somehow was not really ready to have him to break up with me. That time, we were having our biggest high school exam, when I was told that my almost 2 years boyfriend cheated on me with her. It was not just a one side thing, but both of them were together in the middle of the night hanging out at her house. I was crying the whole night, and I had her to admit the things that she does. Knowing her, I knew she was not gonna be the one to say sorry and apologised of what she did. So I was betrayed, by the person that I truly trusted. It is sad, even I can talk it out. My heart still hurts a little.  

When that happens I did not reach out to my friends, I felt honestly alone and trying to put myself together. It took me longer than I expected. But I am okay, with all the time that I have used and still needed to fully get over it. No matter how much you trust a person, it only give them the power to celebrate your downfall. And that is what she did. 

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